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Doing the Housework 2 - Expressions of Frequency

Doing the Housework 2 - Expressions of Frequency

Write 10 correct sentences. Don’t forget to change the verb depending on the subject used:

every day.


the cooking

twice a week.


the cleaning

once in a blue moon.



the dusting

at the weekend.



the decorating

once a year.

My brother


the painting

if they have time.



the polishing

when it needs doing.



the tidying up

if she remembers to.

My teacher


the mopping

when I make them do it.


the washing

if my friends ask me to.

My flatmates


the ironing

in the morning.



the hoovering

twice a month.



the housework

after he’s finished his dinner



the washing up

if I haven’t got anything else on.




when I can be bothered.


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